Ford Ranger T6 2012-16 Taillight Covers

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Ignite your truck’s visual charisma with the epitome of automotive artistry:
Indulge in the freedom of a uniquely styled taillights, adding a distinctive touch to your vehicle’s rear.
Designed for both resilience and aesthetic allure, these taillight covers embody a fusion of functionality and style.

Ford Ranger T6 2012-16 Taillight Covers

SKU: A728

This is the general Taillight Covers SKU, each color has a different product code as follows:

SKU for each available color:


  • Black: 121405
  • Chrome: 121407



  • Ford Ranger T6 2012-16 Taillight Covers
  • Material: High-quality ABS plastic
  • User-friendly installation
  • Unique and distinctive look
  • Aesthetic charm and toughness
  • Maintains sleek appearance over time
  • Extends the life of your vehicle’s taillights
  • Amplifies the visual appeal of your vehicle
  • Hassle-free enhancement to your ride’s exterior
  • Provides lightweight design and robust durability
  • Adds a touch of eye-catching style to the rear profile
  • Resistant to UV rays, maintaining their color and finish
  • Tailored to perfectly integrate with your specific make and model
  • Ensures long-lasting resilience against various environmental conditions
  • Achieve a personalized and cohesive appearance that reflects your unique style
  • Provides a cost-effective way to transform and enhance the look of your pickup truck
  • Shields your taillights from potential damage caused by debris, rocks, or other road hazards

Important notes:


  • Designed specifically for Ford Ranger T6 2012-16
  • Please select your desired color before purchase, in order to receive the correct product
  • We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. While our accessories are designed to enhance your vehicle, we highly recommend professional installation. Specialists ensure efficiency without compromising quality
  • Very easy to install using 3M double-sided adhesive tape, no drilling or welding required. Yet, installation by experts is still highly recommended
  • Do not attempt to install the product during cold weather: The 3M tape needs to be warm and soft for proper results
  • Extra tip: For even better results and greater endurance, you may preheat the double-sided adhesive tape before the actual installation in case you decide to do it by yourself (not recommended)
  • For any questions or clarifications regarding the package contents, specs, price, shipment and more, feel free to contact us at any time (See the contact page for more)

The package “Ford Ranger T6 2012-16 Taillight Covers” includes:


  • x2 Taillight Covers
  • 3M Tape
  • All Necessary Hardware & Installation Components

About the product:


Elevate the visual allure of your Ford with our premium aftermarket taillight covers, designed to make a bold statement on the road.

Achieve a customized look that reflects your unique style without compromising on durability. Tailor your Ford’s rear end to your preferences, creating a personalized and cohesive appearance that sets your vehicle apart.

Crafted with precision and care, these guards are more than just an aesthetic upgrade; they act as a shield for your taillights. Built to withstand the rigors of off-road conditions, while protecting your rear lights from potential damage, extending their lifespan.

Invest in the epitome of automotive refinement with these taillight guards and redefine the look of your Ford Ranger T6.

Choose our Ford Ranger T6 2012-16 Taillight Covers and experience the fusion of innovation, style, and functionality. Explore countless Ford accessories, 4×4 off-road accessories, and infinite aftermarket upgrades.

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Dimensions 35 × 30 × 55 cm

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