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Time for a quality camping tent purchase::
Desert Cruiser 120, one of the most renowned models worldwide. A tent for the roof of the car.
With roof bars for luggage transportation, a comfortable high-density foam mattress, interior LED lights, set up and fold down in seconds.

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Types of vehicles qualifying to install the Desert Cruiser rooftop tent. Small and middle SUV's, vans, Pickup Trucks, 4x4 e.t.c
2 People Car Roof Top Tent Desert Cruiser 120 – WildLand | Hard Shell

SKU: Desert-Cruiser



Suggested dimensions and placement for sleeping bags inside the Desert Cruiser: Either 2 sleeping bags 200 cm x 120 cm (79 x 47 inches) or 3 sleeping bags 200 cm x 140 cm (79 x 55 inches)

  • 2 People Car Roof Top Tent Desert Cruiser 120 – WildLand | Hard Shell
  • Total volume: 2.8011
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • Manufacturer: Wild Land
  • Tent capacity: 1-2 persons
  • With LED strip in the roof tent
  • Ladder weight: 7 kg or 15 pounds
  • Quick assembly, opening, and closing in seconds
  • Body: 190G Rip-Stop Polycotton with P/U 2000mm
  • With 2 detachable bars – rods, for use as a roof rack
  • Flooring: 210D rip-stop polyoxford PU coated 2000mm
  • Maximum weight inside the tent: 300 kg or 661 pounds
  • Closed tent size: 220 x 130 x 18 cm or 87 x 51 x 7 inches
  • With hydraulic cylinder mechanism, patented by Wild Land
  • Inner tent size: 200 x 120 x 110/90 cm or 79 x 47 x 43/35 inches
  • Net weight: 52 kg or 115 pounds (calculation without ladder weight)
  • Mattress: 3 cm or 1.1 inches high-density foam + 4 cm or 1.5 inches EPE
  • Rainfly: 210D Rip-Stop Poly-Oxford with Silver Coating and P/U 3,000mm
  • Luxury, comfort, and privacy in nature, while maintaining the camping character
  • Telescopic ladder made of aluminum alloy with removable option, and a load capacity of 150 kg or 331 pounds
  • Upgraded hard shell design, now only 18 centimeters or 7 inches thick, but increased load capacity to 100 kg or 220 pounds
  • Additional protection: Integrated external coating made of durable and waterproof material, for protection from rain and moisture
  • Hard shell design: Rigid aerodynamic shape, reduced air resistance, and improved stability of the tent, especially in windy conditions
  • Protective coating to maintain coolness inside the tent, as well as enhanced durability with additional coating for water and abrasion resistance
  • External foldable protective coating: Fully dull, non-reflective silver coating with matte finish UPF 50+, for sunlight reflection and UV protection

Important notes::


  • The ladder is calculated separately in terms of weight, as the buyer receives it in a different package
  • The package includes the tent, roof bars, ladder, and all accessories
  • Rip-Stop = Nylon fabric specially designed to prevent tearing
  • Suitable for installation on any 4×4 vehicle
  • We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult professionals for proper installation. Experts ensure efficiency without compromising quality
  • For any questions or clarifications regarding the package contents, specs, price, shipment, installation and more, feel free to contact us at any time (See the contact page for more)



Time for a quality purchase: Desert Cruiser 120. A car roof tent with a hard shell, for 1 or 2 people. A camping tent for a car, and indeed one of the most renowned models worldwide.

Enjoy easy and comfortable access to the car’s roof tent, thanks to its large entrance. Additionally, experience a relaxed, airy, and sunny environment with excellent views, thanks to the oversized side windows.

Furthermore, it features an LED strip inside, as well as a comfortable high-density foam mattress. Thus, the assurance for an unforgettable experience and guaranteed beautiful memories with your loved ones is sealed by the comfort and atmosphere of the tent.

The folding car roof tent Desert Cruiser is quick to assemble, with easy opening and closing in seconds, however, with 2 additional roof rails/bars that fit on top of the hard shell.

Rails, of course, with the ability to be removed, as well as the option to use them as roof racks, to transport luggage, bicycles, camping equipment, etc.

Purchase useful equipment that makes camping more comfortable than ever: 2 People Car Roof Top Tent Desert Cruiser 120 – WildLand | Hard Shell

With the quality guarantee and reliability of a 20+ years of manufacturing experience company, Wild Land. Leader in the field of camping.

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Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 229 × 139 × 22 cm