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Ford Ranger 2012+ Rear Axle Stabilizer


If You Are Interested In Improving The Handling Of Your Vehicle Then This Product Is Ideal For You. The Purpose Of The Stabilizer Is To Reduce The Amount Of Swing Ή The Tilt Of The Body As The Weight Of The Vehicle Shifts From Side To Side, While Maintaining The Traction And Control Of Your Vehicle!


Ford Ranger 2012+ Rear Axle Stabilizer

Product Code: FRDSTBLZR12

  • Perfect Application
  • Easy Installation *
  • No Punctures And Welding
  • Modern Style
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: White
  • Stabilizes The Vehicle
  • Provides Structural Support
  • Durable Material In The Event Of Collision
  • Compatible With 2-Doors And 4-Doors Model
  • Helps Reduce Tilt Change In Places With Uneven Roads And Quick Directions
  • Reducing the Load Difference Between Wheels Inside and Outside the Curve
  • Perfect Spring Comfort In Bilateral Spring Diversion
  • Package Included: x1 Rear Stabilization Set, And Mounting Bases

Compatible With All Versions: Ford Ranger (T6) 2012-2016, (T7) 2016-2019, (T8) 2019+ [Wildtrack, Limited, XLT]

Weight 7,0 kg
Generation / Year