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Ford Ranger (T6/T7/T8) 2012-2022 (WildTrak) Electric Roller Lid / Tonneau Cover

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Ford Ranger (T6/T7/T8) 2012-2022 (WildTrak) Electric Roller Lid / Tonneau Cover

Available Types:

  1. Flat 1st Generation – Available for 4Drs, Single Cab and 1,5 Cab

  2. Flat 2nd Generation – Available only for 4Drs model

  3. Hill – Available only for 4Drs model

  • The rails have space to fit any factory or non-factory equipment e.g. roll-bar, side rails for secure attachment etc.
  • New anti-theft design for 100% safety: Anti-Theft Protection system with interlocking aluminum bars, making it impossible for sharp objects to enter the joints of the roll, thus ensuring the safety of the goods.
  • Water drain management systems provide maximum protection against rain and snow with two drainage systems and two overflows
  • Side rubbers seals and 8 side water channels (Rails)
  • Strong and Durable central locking system with plastic cover for weather protection
  • Multiple locking positions on locking plate, inside the rails (Three locking positions)
  • The movement of the cover, lower plate support and multiple position locking are served by the 2 above-mentioned patented rails which are independent and parallel
  • No drilling installation, clamp fitting
  • Compatible with Over-rail and under-Rail Liners. In Case of Over-rail Liners it can be installed with no need to cut the rails of the Liner (no modifications of the liner)
  • Absolutely waterproof thanks to specially designed rubber hinges
  • Absolute noise and vibration absorption with special waterproof rubber
  • Modern roll storage mechanism
  • Specifically designed weight (40kg) for better driving behavior and fuel savings
  • Package Includes: x1 Roller Lid / Tonneau Cover, Installation Kit, 2 Remote Key Controllers and Installation Instructions.

Weight 35,0 kg
Dimensions 35,0 × 35 × 36 cm
Generation / Year

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