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Glue For Plastics [MA PROFESSIONAL]


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Glue For Plastics [MA PROFESSIONAL]

Product Code: 20A42

  • Type: Epoxy
  • Size: 25 ml
  • Damaged Plastic and Other Materials Repair Adhesive
  • Effectively Repairs Cracked Bumpers, Car Mirrors, Plastics And Other Components
  • Works on United Surfaces
  • The Product Creates A Very Durable Flexible Bonding Material
  • Resistant to Temperatures Up to 120oC
  • Resistant To Car Oils, Transmissions And Hydraulics, Gasoline, Water And Many Other Substances

Way of use:

  1. Clean And Degrease The Surfaces To Be Repaired And Then Dry
  2. For The Desired Result Use Sandpaper Or File
  3. Remove the Protector From the Applicators, Squeeze an Equal Amount of Mass from Each Tube and Mix Well Until the Color Turns Gray
  4. Apply the Glue to the Surfaces Insert The Elements To Be Joined In 3-5 Minutes And Then Push Fixed For At Least Two Hours
  5. The Adjustment Process Takes Longer If The Ambient Temperature Is Below 5oC
  6. Remove Excess Glue With A Towel Or A Cloth Dip In Solvent



Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm