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Headlight Protection Film Tint Kit (30x100cm)


Headlight tint film protects the lights on your car or truck. Gain a layer of UV protection with headlight covers that prevent clouding caused by sunlight. Lamin-x headlight protection film also safeguards your headlamps from chipping or scuffing caused by rocks.

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Headlight Protection Film Tint Kit (30x100cm)

Available Colors

  1. Light Black 

  2. Black

  3. Green

  4. Dark Blue

  5. Light Blue

  6. Yellow

  7. Pink

  8. Transparent

  9. Chameleon

Headlight Protection Film Kit (30x100cm)

  • Protection from sratches
  • Can be used on all vehicles

!! Price is for dimensions 30x100cm !!

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Dimensions 0,1 × 15 × 15 cm