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Led Head Lights Philips With Canbus (Ultinon Essential)

110,00 120,00 

  • 6000K LED lighting
  • Extremely long service life – 1500 hours
  • Improves lighting, safety and style
  • High durability
  • With custom connection rings
  • 12V and 24V compatibility
  • Compact size
  • Made to the highest Philips production standards for quality cars

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Σετ Λάμπες Led Philips Με Canbus (Ultinon Essential)

Upgrade your lights and enjoy a white light experience. These lamps with 6500K provide the brightest and white light for comfortable and relaxing driving. The light beam provides a style that makes a difference. Excellent cooling due to heat dissipation. Optimal performance and durability characterize Philips Ultinon Essential LED lamps. Thanks to the dual heat dissipation mechanism, built-in fan and aluminum heatsink with anodizing coating, these LED lamps project the heat more efficiently and effectively and with longer duration. Philips Ultinon Essential LEDs have a special design that integrates the transformer into the lamp itself, thus leaving more space for the lamp in the lantern making it easier to install. Enjoy the plug-and-play experience: the unique design allows the center ring to be easily removed from the top without being unscrewed. Philips Ultinon Essential LEDs with their compact design fit into a wide range of car models and can be easily installed by qualified engineers. The precise light beam allows you to see more clearly. Thanks to the detailed design of the Philips Ultinon Essential LED, the light is projected exactly where you need it on the road. Not only will you be able to spot obstacles faster and drive with more confidence, but you will also avoid blinding other drivers with dangerous glare, thanks to special light distribution technology. It is also important that the lamp is properly positioned on your lantern. Using the adjustable connecting rings, you can ensure perfect alignment for optimal light output and improved road safety.

!! With 1 Year Guarantee of Good Operation !!



Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 0,5 × 8 × 22 cm

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Led Head Lights Philips With Canbus (Ultinon Essential)

110,00 120,00 

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