Suzuki Vitara 1988-97 A-Frame Front Kit HD – [Raptor4x4]


Ultimate suspension geometry:
Elevate your Suzuki Vitara’s poise and power with the Raptor4x4 A-Frame Front Kit, crafted for the daring.
Conquer with confidence: stabilize, secure, and steer through wild paths, transforming challenges into smooth victories.

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Suzuki Vitara 1988-97 A-Frame Front Kit HD – Raptor4x4

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  • Suzuki Vitara 1988-97 A-Frame Front Kit HD – Raptor4x4
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Increased resale value
  • Straightforward installation
  • Ideal for off-road adventures
  • Improves handling and stability
  • Long-term durability and reliability
  • Enhances the overall suspension setup
  • Minimizes stress on the suspension system
  • Constructed from durable, high-quality materials
  • Angled design optimizes the suspension geometry
  • Precisely tailored to fit your specific make and model
  • Resists bending and breaking, even under tough conditions
  • Provides comfortable ride quality despite the vehicle being lifted
  • Reinforced construction offers additional strength and resilience
  • Maintains correct suspension alignment for optimal performance
  • Endures harsh environments and the rigors of both off-road and on-road use
  • Polyurethane bushings protect suspension components and reduce friction
  • Provides a more controlled and stable driving experience, especially on uneven terrain

The package includes:


  • 2x Front A-Frames
  • 8x Polyurethane Bushings
  • All Necessary Hardware & Installation Components

Important notes:


  • Designed specifically for Suzuki Vitara 1988-1997
  • Requires the installation of +7 cm (2.7 inch) front springs
  • We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We highly recommend professional installation. Specialists ensure efficiency without compromising quality.
  • For any questions or clarifications regarding the package contents, specs, price, shipment, installation and more, feel free to contact us at any time (See the contact page for more)

About the product:


Elevate your Suzuki Vitara’s performance with the A-Frame Front Kit by Raptor4x4. This comprehensive kit is the ultimate solution for owners seeking to enhance their vehicle’s stability, handling, and durability, especially under the demanding conditions of off-road terrain.

The angled design of the control arms plays a crucial role in optimizing the suspension geometry of your lifted Suzuki Vitara. This adjustment enhances handling and stability while preserving ride comfort despite the vehicle’s increased height. Improved geometry ensures predictable and safe vehicle handling, particularly on uneven terrain where additional ground clearance is essential.

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, the kit is designed to endure harsh environments and rigorous use. Whether you’re navigating rugged landscapes or cruising city streets, this kit guarantees reliable performance and long-lasting durability. It is specifically engineered to resist rust and corrosion, maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appeal of each component over time.

Investing in the Suzuki Vitara 1988-97 A-Frame Front Kit HD – Raptor4x4 means investing in your Vitara’s future, ensuring it continues to perform at its best, no matter where your adventures take you. Explore a vast selection of Suzuki and SUV accessories, 4×4 off-road equipment, and endless aftermarket upgrades.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm