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Toyota Hilux 2020+ Electric Roller Lid /Tonneau Cover

1.750,00 1.950,00 

Considering its comfort, accessibility, multi-functional,multi-dimensional use of the requirements when purchasing a Pickup, Tonneau Cover can be quickly and easily installed on your pick-up truck, turning your truck bed into a sealed , waterproof, dustproof, and safe truck area. TheTonneau Cover is divided into two areas, the bottom area is for storing goods, and the top area can be reserved for accessories installation such as Truck Ladder Rack, Sport Bar, Truck Bed Extender, Rooftop Tent etc, suitable for more convenient use.

Nissan Navara (NP300) 2015+ Electric Roller Lid

Available Types:

  1. Flat 1st Generation – Available for 4Drs, Single Cab and 1,5 Cab

  2. Flat 2nd Generation – Available only for 4Drs model

  3. Hill – Available only for 4Drs model

  • The rails have space to fit any factory or non-factory equipment e.g. roll-bar, side rails for secure attachment etc.
  • New anti-theft design for 100% safety: Anti-Theft Protection system with interlocking aluminum bars, making it impossible for sharp objects to enter the joints of the roll, thus ensuring the safety of the goods.
  • Water drain management systems provide maximum protection against rain and snow with two drainage systems and two overflows
  • Side rubbers seals and 8 side water channels (Rails)
  • Strong and Durable central locking system with plastic cover for weather protection
  • Multiple locking positions on locking plate, inside the rails (Three locking positions)
  • The movement of the cover, lower plate support and multiple position locking are served by the 2 above-mentioned patented rails which are independent and parallel
  • No drilling installation, clamp fitting
  • Compatible with Over-rail and under-Rail Liners. In Case of Over-rail Liners it can be installed with no need to cut the rails of the Liner (no modifications of the liner)
  • Absolutely waterproof thanks to specially designed rubber hinges
  • Absolute noise and vibration absorption with special waterproof rubber
  • Modern roll storage mechanism
  • Specifically designed weight (40kg) for better driving behavior and fuel savings
  • Package Includes: x1 Roller Lid / Tonneau Cover, Installation Kit, 2 Remote Key Controllers and Installation Instructions.

Weight 35,0 kg
Dimensions 35,0 × 35 × 36 cm
Generation / Year



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